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Our mission is to save & restore your photographs...
and, to enable safe storage & instant access...

... at a price that encourages you to save your entire collection.

For almost all photographs; standard restoration will be ideal.

For photographs that merit, additional work (see 'info' menu) - a tariff structure is provided.

Transportation and temporary image storage, may also need to be included in the budget.

A quick guide, and a full budget calculator, are provided below.

The 'at a glance guide' provides an overview of pricing.
The 'budget calculator' should be used to gain an accurate budget.
Scroll below the calculator for an explanation of the choices.

Re: Doing It! (saving your photos)

To digitise your photographs - just send them to us!

However, maximum benefit is achieved by also storing them on your free internet photo site, and adding information - dates, location, people in the photo etc.

Your photos will be grouped by each packet, so dates and a general description can be added simultaneously to all the photos in a group (say for a holiday or an event).
Corrections and additional info can be done whenever you wish.

The main point is, that with bulk 'image dating', individual photos can be found, viewed and shared, with just a few clicks.

You do not need technical competance, and neither do you need to 'know how to do it'.
All the information is provided in simple 'step by step' tutorials... and it is easy.

As you read about 'getting your storage site'... get it!
As you read about configuring your site... configure it!

Saving your photographic history, for yourself, your family, and future generations, is easy, and hopefully affordable... at least to make a start.

To achieve these benefits, simply follow the links... read what interests you, or skip to the next page (or use the 'Doing it!' menu).

This advisory service has been developed for your benefit - you can of course skip it, and go directly to 'placing an order'.


Save my photos



At a Glance
Tariff Guide
(Std. Restoration)
1-100€ 30
200€ 50
300€ 66
400 € 80
500 € 93
750 € 122
1000€ 150
2000 € 289
3000€ 419
4000 € 538
5000€ 648
6000 € 747
7000€ 837
Budget Calculator
T1 €20
T2 €40
T3 €60
 T4 € 
Enter quantity of photos
and, or Value
for Special Restoration

Enter quantity of photos:
For std. restoration (1 to 7000)

Add Extras €

Save & Restoration:
USB Flash Drive:
Weight Calculator
of photos
Weight g
of photos
of packets
Weight g
of packets
Weight g
of carton
Enter quantities & weights    

Outside France      



Special Restoration Tariffs

For special photographs that are in need of further attention (more info here).

Photograph deterioration:
  1. Colour errors, or Black & White fading and greying
  2. Blemishes - scratches, or chemical aberrations
  3. Major elements of the photograph have failed
    • Tariff 1 - € 20
      The colours and shade get more attention, and at 'view size', visible blemishes can be removed.
    • Tariff 2 - € 40
      Zooming in, there is more work to do, or some minor modification / re-building work.
    • Tariff 3 - € 60
      Major construction, or modifications... Or simply that the photograph merits some investment.
    • Tariff 4 - You decide
      Opens the opportunity for a slower process, with image updates, to share in the progress being made.

Standard Scan & Restoration Tariffs

  • Use the 'Tariff Calculator' for accurate budgeting (The tariff guide presents an overview)
  • The minimum tariff is €30 - up to 100 photographs saved
    Or... 33 photographs, plus one photo that requires hand restoration
  • For collections over 7000 photographs, please contact us.

Portable Image Storage

You will create you internet storage site in the subsequent pages, allowing your digitised photographs to be immediately uploaded, the moment that you receive them.

You will receive them via:
  • Portable USB Flash Drive (USB key)
    The preferred method - it can be universally read on all forms of computers and modern televisions.
    Transfer to any family computers is achieved by a single 'copy & paste' action.
  • Download link
    For up to 100 images, a link can be provided, allowing you to directly download the images to your computers.
  • Less reliable DVD disk (supplied on request)
    The images can be initially stored on a DVD disk, but this is less reliable as a primary information source.
    All modern computers can create DVD disks... therefore, it is recommended that disks be created from the USB, or computer Drive.

    USB Flash Drive - € 12


Any additional costs can be added here eg. labels, markers, packaging, transport etc.

Transport (Two way - Delivery & Return)

Within the local region around Raissac D'Aude, please email us.
Note: When budgeting - transport costs are doubled, to cover return delivery.

Transport cost is dependant upon weight, and the transport provider

Weight Calculation

The 'Weight Calculator', will provide a general planning guide (all pre-set weights can be modified).

  • Weight of Photograph
    Pre-set to 4g for 10cm x 15cm photograph
  • Weight of Packet
    Pre-set to 16g as an average between thick and thin paper packets, without negatives
  • Weight of Packing Carton
    Pre-set to 0g - Must be modified to suit the carton or packaging being used.
    Eg. A strong envelope to hold 100 photos, might only weigh 25g
    A strong carton could way 1Kg.

Note: The Weight Calculator can only provide a guide.

Transport Within France

La Poste is fine, for both small and large parcels to 30Kg.
Their tariff guides can be downloaded from here:

The calculator is based upon 1st Jan 2015

Transport Outside France

At the moment UPS appears to be the most competitive, up to 25Kg.
A recent quote 'UK to France, Delivery & Return (Door to Door!)' 25Kg: £61.60
Door to Door could be very useful for a large parcel.
Their quotation page can be seen here:

For small parcels the national postal service may be more competitive eg. Royal Mail:



Save my photos